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Omni’s Claims Assurance

Insurance claim is the process of requesting to the Insurance company for payment after a polcyholder has experienced a covered loss in the policy. After the claim procedure is completed, the amount of damage claimed will be compensated through prompt investigation and conclusion by the insurance company.

Depending on the size and complexity of your claim, the claim process can be quick or may need a further evaluation and investigation.  Omni's 38+ years of knowledge and experience can assist in the claim process.   Claim process can be complex and confusing to understand, OMNI will be by your side to explain the entire process quickly, accurately, and clearly. It is Omni's sincerity and integrity to stand by the customer from the first reporting the claim to the delivery of the claim payment. 

Omni will be with you through the full claim process and risk managing preventing future loss.  

Contact Omni for further assistance. 

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