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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Choosing the right insurance for your business is the most important decision the moment you start a business. Omni will thoroughly analyze your business type, location and exposure of the business to customize the coverage that is tailored to customer's needs.

With well over 38 years of experience, Omni will precisely analyze no matter how large or small your business risk management is in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Contact an Omni professional agent, the right choice for insurance needs.

Commercial Insurance combines two types of coverages to protect your business against claims. Its components included commercial general liability and commercial property insurance.

The property helps protect property you own, lease or rent. It helps cover repair or replacement costs of stolen, inventory, damaged and destroyed property.

General liability protects business in the event someone makes a claim against you or your business. General liability insurance provides protection from liability lawsuits resulting from business negligence.

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