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About Commercial Insurance


Choosing insurance is one of the most important decisions in the first moments of your business. Omni accurately and thoroughly analyzes the type, size, location, and exposure of the business to provide customized insurance products tailored to the customer's needs.

Omni's unique damage exposure diagnosis/management system, based on 40 years of experience, precisely analyzes large and small damages and risks that may occur in various businesses in the eastern United States and major cities in the United States. Discuss with Omni, the right choice for insurance.

The insurance you purchase while running a business is based on property insurance, liability insurance, and employee accident insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance provides comprehensive compensation for loss and damage to commercial real property and business personal property due to natural disasters, fire, theft, etc. do.

General Liability Insurance is an insurance that protects the business owner in the event of a customer or third party damage or property damage due to a defect in the company's facilities or service negligence.

Workers' Compensation covers accidents, deaths, and illnesses that occur to employees on-premises (or while on business-related work outside) on behalf of the business owner. Compensation includes employee wages and hospital expenses.

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