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Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance basically refers to any insurance that covers individuals against loss from property (auto/home) or that resulted from health injury to death. Insurance protects individuals and their loved ones from losses that they cannot afford to cover on their own.

It is important to choose the best insurance product that suits the individual’s financial situation and needs. Trusting that you have the right coverage for home and auto so you can feel safe, that is Omni’s priority. Omni will work harder so you can sleep in peace.



Home is the hub of any family’s everyday life, where everyone gathers so why not protect the most important investment. Homeowners provide coverage for damages to your home and other structures. Generally, covers interior and exterior, the loss due to fire, weather damage, or theft of property and personal liability. Protect your assets from the unexpected.

What is covered by homeowners insurance?

The Coverage of Homeowners Insurance

Dwelling coverage covers the physical structure of the policyholder’s home due to fire, lightning, windstorms, explosion, hail, theft and damages caused by weight of snow, sleet or ice and more.

**Flood is not covered cause of loss. You will need a separate policy.

Personal property Coverage is content coverage in your home. It covers your personal belongings/items if they are destroyed, damaged, or stolen due to covered loss or peril. Personal property includes things like furniture, clothing, electronics and kitchenware etc.

Personal property coverage extends to items stolen from outside of your home such as golf clubs stored in the trunk of your vehicle.

*Items that are precious or expensive like jewelry, mink coats or silverwares or arts should purchase a “Personal Article Floater.”

Provides coverage to pay for claims of bodily injury and property damage sustained by you or covered residents of your household are legally responsible.

Medical covers minor injuries and hospital bills, this coverage only applies to guests who are injured on your property, regardless of who’s at fault.

**If you need higher liability limits above $500,000, inquire about Personal Umbrella Insurance.

This coverage helps pay for the increased costs of living you incur if you are temporarily displaced due to covered loss. This can include hotel expenses, restaurant or additional food costs etc.

**Please inquire of our professionals for detailed information.

Automobile Insurance

Provides financial protection if you’re in an accident, or your vehicle is damaged in a collision or non-collision. Whether you have minimum or full-coverage car insurance, your policy is made up of different types of coverage. Insurance can also pay for medical bills if you or your passengers are injured in an accident, or you're hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver. Your policy protects you up to certain limits agreed upon by you and your insurer.

Depending on your needs, your car, your driving habits and what is affordable, plays a lot of roles in pricing your insurance premium. Some of these coverages may be mandatory in your state while some are optional. Consult with an agent to get your customized and accurate auto insurance.

Types of Coverages of Automobile

Provides coverage to another party or third party is injured due the policyholder's negligence.

You must have sufficient coverage to protect yourself from possible major accidents.

The required state minimum set by each state is usually very low and if you had insufficient coverage the difference would pay out from your personal funds.

This coverage provides coverage to the other party’s vehicle or property in the event the accident is caused by you the insured.

Provides coverage to medical expenses or hospital bills for you and your passenger injured in an accident in your vehicle.

In Maryland, PIP coverage provides immediate funds to cover medical bills and lost wages if you’re injured in a motor vehicle accident. The coverage is between $2500 and $5000, depending on the amount elected.

**Medical payment coverage is optional and not mandatory, but PIP must be offered in Maryland.

Damages to your vehicle, if you are involved in an accident with another car, you hit an object or you get into a single car accident, regardless of fault.

The collision coverage limit is purely on the vehicle you own that is covered auto and but out of pocket pay out toward a covered claim, you will select a set as low as $250, $500 or higher.

Damage to your vehicle that is caused by something other than a collision, like vandalism or a natural disaster.
The coverage limit is purely on the vehicle you own that is covered auto and but out of pocket pay out toward a covered claim, you will select a set as low as $250, $500 or higher.

This coverage applies to accidents with uninsured vehicles or underinsured coverage.
This coverage also includes hit and run vehicles.
There is a $200 deductible that is required for each claim.

Personal Umbrella

Personal Umbrella policy can help prepare for the additional cost when a standard insurance policy is not enough. If your net worth exceeds the maximum liability coverage, this will help protect your assets in case you’re liable for an incident that has devastating financial repercussions.

Nowadays it is easy to overlook the lawsuits arising that are higher than the standard liability policy comes with, for that reason the Personal Umbrella will eliminate the financial burden on the policyholder by providing additional liability limits.

Personal Umbrella coverage will go above and beyond that of your home or automobile insurance policy and requires an existing home or auto policy to be purchased at a low premium.


Condominium & Renters Insurance

Condominium Unit owners and Apartment renters can also get coverage for property, liability and additional living expenses.

For property coverage it will cover the property that is not permanently fixed like furnitures, clothing and kitchen items etc. Theft of personal belongings inside or outside is also covered.

Condominium Owners Policy usually does not cover buildings outside of the condo unit and covers everything up to the walls of your unit (structure of condo). We do recommend reviewing your “Condominium’s Master Policy” for full structure coverage and for Renters/Tenant insurance, your “Landlord” should cover the structure of the building.


Flood Insurance

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 90 percent of the natural disasters in the United States are accompanied by floods.

Flood Insurance covers losses resulting from storm surge, heavy intense rain or when rivers or streams overflow onto the surrounding area like low lying houses or building areas.

Homeowners policies will not cover water damage due to floods. This means you will need a Flood Insurance policy to cover property damage caused by floodwater.

Statistics show that the average cost for repairing flood damage is around $30,000. Although some homeowners are not in the flood-zone or not in flood risk areas, they are still exposed to flood damages. The demand for Flood Insurance is increasing across the United States.

For additional information or questions, contact your professional agents.


Boat/Yacht Insurance

You finally purchased that long awaited boat/yacht, but not sure what insurance is needed. Worry no more, you can customize and purchase boat/yacht insurance to your specific needs.

Review your homeowners policy and see exactly up to what size of your boat is covered. Boat/Yachts that are not covered under your homeowners policy can be purchased separately.

Boat Insurance covers if it is stolen, in an accident or damaged by a covered peril like fire or lightning. Boat insurance may also help protect if you accidentally injure a person/s or damage their property with your boat.

Small-sized sailboats, fishing boats to large yachts, we have boat insurance suitable for precious boats so you can sail away in the sea.


Personal Article Floaters Insurance (PAF)

A Personal Article Floater is a stand-alone insurance coverage that is either a separate policy or can be an endorsement added to your homeowners insurance policy. It covers valuable personal property that provides additional coverage than what your homeowners policy might have. This policy will require an appraisal or proof of receipts/photos to get coverage.

PAF coverage provides valuable jewelry and other high valued items. PAF policy includes necklaces, rings, watches, high-end collections such as fine arts, coins, antiques and more.


Health Insurance

Health care policies and health insurance in the United States are becoming increasingly more complex and diverse. With so many types of insurance and coverage, it is hard to say which is the best coverage. Healthcare and health insurance are terms that are often used interchangeably. Healthcare, which typically includes elements like emergency room visits, preventative medicine, and prescription drugs, is far different than health insurance just providing coverage for medical services.
Choosing the right coverage is based on your individual health and conditions.

Health insurance can be divided into group insurance or individual insurance. Group insurance is purchased in business. Such an employer would purchase and provide insurance benefits to employees. Benefits can vary with the size of the Employer/employees. Individual insurance applies to families that do not have coverage through an employer or just do not have coverage period.

Anyone can incur medical bills that you cannot predict or possibly pay out of pocket, so it is necessary to have the right health insurance that is affordable to your need's coverage.

Omni will design and customize health insurance plans that are perfect for your needs so you can reduce worries about health and treatment.


Life Insurance

Life insurance can provide financial protection for surviving family members who may experience financial hardship when a member's life ends because of an accident or illness.

Life insurance can be largely divided into term life insurance, which is a defined period, typically 10 and 30 years, and permanent life insurance, which provides protection throughout your entire life. Benefits may vary depending on age, health condition, and payment conditions.

Life insurance is a consideration for your family's future. Depending on how life insurance is designed, it becomes an important stepping stone to continuing a happy life without burdening the rest of the family. Omni will secure and give peace of mind for your family's future.

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