Claim Service at Omni

An insurance claim is a formal request to an insurance company for coverage or compensation for a covered loss or policy event. The insurance company validates the claim and, once approved, issues payment to the insured or an approved interested party on behalf of the insured.

You may not know what to do when a loss occurs to your property (business, auto or even your home) or injury to anyone, in which you are liable. Omni is here to assist and guide you thru the maze of claim filing processes. Omni’s goal is to help you understand exactly what you need to do to get your claim gets settled quickly and efficiently.

claim services

Claim Contact Information

By partnering with Omni, you can rest assured knowing that your insurance is committed to resolving issues before they escalate and delivering the expertise and resources to settle your claim.

Call Omni anytime you sustain a loss; Omni will work with you throughout the entire claims process –from initial response to final resolution.