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Why Omni?


The First Asian Insurance Company in Washington DC Metropolitan Area to Establish a NON-Life Insurance company.

Established in 1985 as the first Asian to start up a non-life insurance agency in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Omni Financial servicing the MID-Atlantic area including Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, West Virginia, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut for over 38 years. With our leading technology and innovation in the insurance industry our success in performance has continued and transformed risk management for better customer service in the area.

Over the years, servicing over 20.000 plus households (Auto and Homeowners Insurance) and Commercial insurance, providing the most accurate and most reliable insurance product and risk management to our customers. In addition, prompting and processing claims and claim payouts $200,000,000 plus since inception.

This was possible because of the sincerity, trust, experience and accuracy of our agents, employees and customers.


Omni’s Partners are Different.

Representing the leading global insurance companies like Travelers, Liberty Mutual, The Hartford, Safeco, Nationwide/Allied, Selective and Progressive, just to name some of our partners.

With more than 40 insurers, including subsidiaries of large companies as well as global insurers, we can provide the most diverse product that suits customers' insurance needs. Omni ‘s unique partners kept the insurance to be affordable with an array of product coverages and risk management for the businesses.


Omni’s Honesty and Accuracy

Our partners trust Omni to connect directly with the company to underwrite, quote and provide the most accurate insurance quote summary to customers. Conveniently providing a multi-language customer service (English, Korean, Spanish and Chinese) to clients from various cultural backgrounds.


Omni’s Customer Service is Different.

Omni does not use complicated and technical words.The ease of our insurance terminology content and text to provide easy experience to customers.Omni’s professionals will kindly explain simple and easy, so you are not left with many unanswered questions or curiosity. Omni’s integrity is purely based on customer's trust and providing the best product, processing of the policy and giving the best interest to customers from beginning to the end.

Omni is committed to exceptional service with kindness and empathy to customers. Omni cares about the customers' important assets and cares about protecting them.


Omni's Kind Service.

Omni is committed to exceptional service with kindness and empathy to customers. Omni cares about the customers' important assets and cares about protecting them.


Free Estimate

Visit Omni and request a free no obligation insurance quote. We will quote and explain regardless of if you are a current client or not.


Reviewing your existing policy or just refreshing your policy.

Are you unsure of what your insurance policy coverage is?

If you are left with unanswered coverage questions, let Omni help. You do not have to be current clients to have your policy evaluated by an Omni professional. Our professional will review and analyze all coverages to review with you. They will also provide a apple to apple coverage comparison with another carrier. Contact Omni for your full review of the policy and experience the sincere expert knowledge agent to provide the best coverage to reduce your insurance premium.


Free Notarization

Do you need a notarized service?

Free Notarization is provided to all Omni policyholders.


Free Fax & Copy Service

At times trying to get a copy or faxing is urgent but it is unavailable at any location, well no worries. Stop by our offices and we will gladly assist with that service.

Our office (Omni Center Building) is open Monday to Friday from 9 to 5, located at the intersection of Little River Turnpike and Ravensworth Road in the heart of Annandale, Koreatown.


Free Coffee And Tea

Whynot have a glass of coffee or tea while waiting for your service.


Eco-Friendly Environment

Since 2018, our office has been actively involved in protecting the global environment by implementing going digital (requesting for paperless policies) and reducing plastic usage.

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