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Why Omni?



The First Non-Life Insurance Company Established By Koreans In DMV Area

Established in 1985 as the first Korean non-life insurance agency in the Washington area, Omni Fire has expanded its service area to the central and eastern U.S., including Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut for over 40 years, providing better insurance. We are approaching you with products and comprehensive disaster management services.

Over the years, Omni has served more than 20,000 households (vehicle and home insurance) and business (liquor business insurance) customers, providing top-notch insurance product introduction and disaster management services. In addition, Omni's prompt and accurate claim processing has handled damage claims for customers worth more than $200,000,000 since its inception.
It was possible because of sincerity, trust, experience and accuracy.


Omni's network is different.

Omni represents the leading global insurance companies,such as Travelers, Liberty Mutual, The Hartford, Safeco, Nationwide/Allied, Selective, and Progressive.

Since we work with more than 40 insurers, including subsidiaries of large companies with expertise, as well as representative global insurers, we can provide the most diverse products that suit the customer's situation and business character. With Omni's unique network, you can keep the best disaster management, optimal insurance products, and affordable promises.


Omni is honest and accurate.

With licenses in 8 U.S. Eastern states, Omni is directly connectedto the headquarters of leading global insurers to provide faster andmore accurate insurance underwriting and more customer service than anyone else.We also provides services in four languages: English, Korean, Spanish, and Chinese for the convenience of customers from various cultural backgrounds.


Omni's customer service is different.

Did you find it difficult to understand the complicated and technical insurance content and disaster management progress in English?Omni's experts explain it easily and kindly until the customer's curiosity is completely solved.As much as Omni values trust at its best, she will always be in the customer's shoes. Trust with customers is possible by finding the best products, processing them quickly and accurately, and providing them with kindness to the end.


Omni's kind service.

Service is Omni's pleasure.


Free Estimate

We will kindly explain to all those who visit Omni and request an insurance quote (regardless of whether or not they are enrolled).


Inspection and review of existing products

Are you unsure of your insurance coverage?

Are you curious about insurance coverage?Not only Omni customers but also insurance purchased from other insurance agencies will be analyzed and evaluated in detail.You don't have to worry about buying Omni Insurance. Just contact us and experience the know-how, mind, and sincerity of Omni experts to reduce customer costs.


Free Notarization

Do you need a notarized service?

In general, notarized service fees are borne by the applicant, but only Omni Insurance subscribers are provided free of charge.


Free Fax, Scan, And Email

There are times when copying, faxing, scanning, and e-mail services are urgent, but the location is not appropriate, right?

We offer free copy, fax, scan, and email services to anyone visiting Omni, whether or not they are our customers.
Service hours are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and you can come without a reservation. Omni's headquarters are located in the Omni Center building at the intersection of Little River Turnpike (Rt 236) and Ravensworth Rd, in the heart of Enandale's Korean town.


Free Coffee And Tea

While customers receive fax, copy, scan and e-mail services, enjoy a relaxing cup of fragrant coffee and a variety of teas from Omni.


'Eco-Friendly' work

This is the era of ‘eco-friendly’ work.
Since 2018, Omni has been actively involved in protecting the global environment by implementing digital (paperless) insurance policies and reducing plastic use.

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